Newborn Photoshoot

The session fee is for the whole experience and will include two photos. Original RAW images, will not be supplied. Re-edits are free upon request up to two times.

Park the Photobus outside your house so you can step onboard and enjoy the experience of capturing timeless and beautiful photos of your baby. Happy to add any siblings, parents or other people.

This is best done in the first 14 days but can be up to 21 days if you have a sleepy baby.

Cleopatra Maternity Milk Bath

The Maternity Milk Bath

Would you like to remember your pregnancy in some way?  There are a huge number of photos you can take or you could get painted or have a cast and keep your everlasting bump belly; or you could consider relaxing in a bath full of milk and flowers to create these fabulous photos to remember the tiny miracle you are growing inside you. This experience would create fantastic photos like the ones below. 

Only currently available in the USA and taking the UK by storm. 

TEXT MILKBATH for more details: 07956637153

Cleopatra’s Milk Bath- fun facts

Originally the Queen of Ancient Egypt (69BC to 30BC)

Cleopatra was one of the most famous female rulers in history and not just for being a queen of ancient Egypt, but also for being remarkably beautiful and smart.  She was also well know for taking her milk baths, to preserve the beauty and youth of her skin and she often infused the bath with honey or herbs.  She was wise to do so as milk is great for the skin.  It is both moisturising and exfoliating.  It leaves skin feeling silky soft, with a healthy glow. Legend has is that no less than 700 donkeys provided the quantity of milk necessary for her daily bath.

TEXT MILKBATH for more details: 01293664448

Bump Painting

Bump painting is an exhilarating way to remember your beautiful bump. Use of vibrant colours, safe for baby can produce wonderful baby bump photos; a great way to remember your pregnancy. Re-edits are free upon request up to two times.