Pregnancy Yoga Retreat

Be happy. Be healthy. Be alive

Relax whilst growing a miracle

Feeling sick, tired and in need of a break? Why not treat yourself to a  pregnancy retreat to help you rest, recuperate and get some of your zing back before the birth!

Do not forget to book yourself time to relax.

Capture your bump in a peaceful time of your life.

Memorable Bump

Capture yourself within your very special time of creating a tiny life inside you

The programme at Retreat Yourself gives you time to access pregnancy support, take stock of the changes happening to you and appreciate how your growing baby is already re-shaping aspects of your life. The stunning surroundings and cosy cottage, beautifully decorated, compliment the essence of this retreat and you will leave feeling relaxed and restored. The three-night stay has an emphasis on practical and emotional support, encouragement and positive preparation for birth. The break includes delicious, freshly-prepared food, informative and inspiring workshops, taster sessions of natal hypnotherapy, a pregnancy yoga class and optional pregnancy-friendly treatments, as well as the chance to bond with other pregnant women. 

Enjoy a Cleopatra Milk Bath

Would you like to remember your pregnancy in some way?  There are a huge number of photos you can take or you could get painted or have a cast and keep your everlasting bump belly; or you could consider relaxing in a bath full of milk and flowers to create these fabulous photos to remember the tiny miracle you are growing inside you.

Created just for You

Divine locations for inspiration in peaceful and relaxing settings. Choose where you would like to capture your photo. Where do you feel more comfortable?
Or just take some time out for YOU.